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The Cerulean Flare
Vagabond Legacy Book 3

From the depths of the sea, an army rises. The vagabonds are scattered... The hunter has come.


After months of fighting back against the slaving companies, Leo, Nea, Jaako, and Xerrigan have become the target of Corbin, a hunter with superhuman power like nothing the vagabonds have ever seen. He single-handedly takes the four of them apart and splits the group down the middle.

Leo and Jaako find themselves on trial at the bottom of the sea. A ferocious mariner general seeks to wage war on the Archipelago and if Leo and Jaako cannot stop him, the entire nation they have sworn to protect may be swallowed up by the sea.

Now prisoners of the Grassen Trading Company, Xerrigan and Nea come face to face with the elusive man behind the Fortunan slave trade. Branded and sold off, if Xerrigan is to survive, she must put her faith in a boy who has lost his, while Nea battles her all-too familiar demons to rescue her friend.

Soon the four begin to discover that these two ordeals are one and the same. Can they reunite, stop the war, and overcome the hunter before everything is lost?

The Cerulean Flare continues the acclaimed coming-of-age dark fantasy saga. A story about innocence lost and purpose revealed. A story about how even the most broken souls can be whole together.

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