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William Hastings
The Green Road Press

If you want to stay up to date with TGR Press you can subscribe to the newsletter for weekly updates and announcements. There are a great many exciting things in the works for both The Vagabond Legacy series and Vatican Championship Wrestling. Thanks for reading and may the stories between these pages provide some comfort and entertainment on your own journey.



On November 15th 2019, my first novel The Crimson Spark was published. The story resonated with a great many people and was a success, spawning TGR Press. Named for the book’s vagabond codex The Green Road, TGR press is unified label that I use to brand myself and my work as an author.


Since the release of The Crimson Spark I have been able to expand TGR Press in new and exciting ways. In 2020 I launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to finance my second hit novel, Vatican Championship Wrestling. An acclaimed audiobook of The Crimson Spark, read by legendary anime star Vic Mignogna released in 2021.

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