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The Crimson Spark
Vagabond Legacy Book 1

Break the Shackles of the Mind. 


Leo is a boy grieving his twin. Nea is a girl living as a boy to escape her past. Two slaves, carrying the scars of abuse. They form a connection, only to be split apart when their ship arrives in The Kengean Archipelago, a mysterious and fragmented land, cut off from the rest of the world.


Leo becomes apprentice to a vagabond swordsman and together the two set out to find a stolen weapon locked away in a catacomb city. But what is his new teacher hiding? Tormented by a crippling injury and an anxious heart, Leo must find the strength within himself to keep going.


Meanwhile, Nea is conscripted by the Captain of the Royal Guard, who ropes her into the search for a group of men hunting a boy matching Leo’s description. But to Nea’s dismay, the Captain is a woman and Nea must fight past her hateful and damaged mind if she ever hopes to earn her freedom.


When a former child soldier threatens to spark a revolution, Leo and Nea will choose sides. Will they try to save this cruel land, or will they punish it? To find the answer, they must confront the horror in their pasts and fight for the greatest freedom of all, the freedom from the fear that rules their hearts.

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"Perhaps the most compelling fantasy epic I’ve read in years. William Hastings weaves his setting with the same sense of breathless wonder and shivering terror as Tolkien himself. Characters leap off the page as they brawl, weep, and love before your very eyes.” 

- Adam Lane Smith, Bestselling author of Slaying Your Fear and Deus Vult Wastelanders


"Imaginative high fantasy peopled with engaging characters in a colorful and original setting."

 - Brian Niemeier, Award-winning author of Soul Cycle and Combat Frame X

"A moving, thoughtful fantasy that balances its action and excitement with deep characters... head and shoulders above standard YA fare." 

- Alexander Hellene, Author of The Last Ancestor

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