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The Opal Embers
Vagabond Legacy Book 2

Against a Madman's Vengeance, Two Vagabonds Won't Be Enough.


Leo and Nea are settling into their life as vagabonds, but after a botched raid on the opal mines, their faith in one another is wearing thin. They agree to shepherd a mysterious relic across Fortuna. But when Leo’s powers nearly cost Nea her life, the distance between them increases even more. 


Leo’s fear of his strange abilities grows, exacerbated by his dark history with the church. While Nea, angry and frustrated at her own weakness, is confronted with her own warped understanding of herself, forcing her to question whether she’s helping Leo or hurting him. 


Unbeknownst to them, the relic they’ve been entrusted with is sacred to a lost race of shapeshifters. Jaako, a shapeshifter at war with himself, leaves home to pursue the vagabonds and recover the artifact. But can he reconcile with his animal half long enough to complete his mission?


And as Jaako pursues Leo and Nea, the events of The Crimson Spark are having dire consequences for another. Tragedy rocks the house of young delver Xerrigan, she is left all alone, her mind fractured. Xerrigan sets out on her own journey to find the whereabouts of her master, an enigmatic and powerful teacher who disappeared into the ranks of the now disbanded Black Briars. Still reeling from the trauma, Xerrigan will risk everything to find the only family she has left, even her sanity. 


Caught in a web of conspiracy and revenge, the four children must work together to survive. Will Leo and Nea be able to open their hearts to these new companions without losing each other? And will Jaako and Xerrigan be able to trust the vagabonds, and themselves, long enough to save the world? 

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