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Vatican Championship Wrestling
A Saga of the Squared Circle

Heaven VS Hell, Live on Pay-Per-View!

After a demonic possession at the biggest wrestling show of the year, the Vatican sends exorcist Gabriel Blackwell to infiltrate the company, pose as a wrestler, and expel the demon. Blackwell has a complicated history with the wrestling business and must adapt or die, fighting for his soul on Pay-Per-View.

Vatican Championship Wrestling is a fast paced pulp novel with non-stop action! An all-out battle between good and evil with the squared-circle as the stage!

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"Old school fans would be proud. This was an awesome read. Seriously if you are a wrestling fan pick up this book it's got a ton of wrestling and a lot of enjoyable characters.” 

- Amazon Reader


"Fast action, fun story. Loved this book! Lots of action, and a great story. Mr. Hasting is very knowledgeable about wrestling. So much fun to read!"

 - Amazon Reader

"High-flying, professional wrestling fun. Action-packed story that I just couldn't put down, I loved it" 

- Amazon Reader

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