• William Hastings

The Crimson Spark

The Crimson Spark is the first in a currently nameless series of YA Novels set in The Kengean Archipelago. A mysterious and fragmented land, cut off from the rest of the world.

The story is about two children, two slaves. Both of whom are survivors of abuse. Leo, a boy mourning the death of his twin. And Nea, a girl who lives as a boy to escape her former life. They meet, connect and then are split apart.

Leo becomes apprentice to Seiyariu a member of a group of homeless wandering swordsmen known as vagabonds. And joins him on his quest to find a stolen weapon. But saddled with a crippling injury and a damaged mind, will Leo truly be able to survive what waits for him?

Nea meanwhile is conscripted by the Captain of the Royal Guard and roped into a search for a revolutionary cell, hunting a boy that matches Leo's description. But she's less than thrilled when she discovers that the Captain is a woman.

Leo and Nea's paths through the Archipelago lead them to different places and to different people, but they are both on the road to recovery. I hope you will join me in watching them grow and change as they use love and friendship to heal the wounds of the past.

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