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Upcoming Release Schedule

Vatican Championship Wrestling: After a potentially demonic incident at the largest professional wrestling event of the year, the Vatican sends exorcist Gabriel Blackwell to infiltrate the company. Blackwell has a complicated relationship with the wrestling business and must adapt or die, fighting for his soul on pay-per-view! IndieGoGo launches August 1st

The Crimson Spark (Audiobook): The acclaimed dark-fantasy epic is now being brought to life by anime superstar Vic Mignogna (Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist) A living, breathing production of Vagabond Legacy, that will bring the story to a whole new audience. Coming To Audible Fall 2020

The Opal Embers: The second chapter in Vagabond Legacy. As ancient Gods begin to awaken in Fortuna, Leo and Nea begin to realize that the bond they fought so hard to forge may not be enough. Now they must put their trust in an unstable delver and a shapeshifter at war with himself if they want to have a chance at fighting back. Spring 2021

The Cerulean Flare: The third chapter in Vagabond Legacy. Not long after Embers launches, this new story is going into production, with eyes on a 2021-early 2022 release.

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