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We're in the Endgame now

With a date placed on the release of Spark and pre-orders opened for the ebook, things have never felt more real. It's at this point where we begin to question ourselves more than ever. I want Spark to be three things.

First of all and most important for any piece of writing, I want to tell an engaging story.

Second, I want to address subject matter I've been told is unacceptable. Spark is a genuine story about abuse and the effects it has on children, something I was told could never be marketed to current YA readers. Which is very strange as most of the young adults I've worked in my time as a teacher have suffered from the effects of trauma. That leads me to believe that current YA is out of touch with its readers, which brings me to the third.

I want The Crimson Spark to be a course correction for YA storytelling. I think it's time the genre moved away from gloomy dystopian romance of little interest to any actual young adults and back to the days of Lewis and Alexander. These men are my idols and I strive to emulate how they reached young readers with their remarkable stories. I want to bring readers back to a floundering genre by telling a genuinely entertaining and emotional story. Won't you join me for the ride?

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