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Where to now?

It's been just about a week since The Opal Embers finally launched. I hope you all are enjoying it. The Goodreads has gone live as well if you want to add it there. When you finish, please would you leave a review? Whether on Amazon or Goodreads, reviews help writers immensely as it makes more people want to check out the story. And on Amazon it puts us ahead in the algorithm, so that our books are shown to a larger pool of potential readers.

Whenever I finish a project I always have to take some time to process it before moving on and deciding what's next. I've mentioned before that both VCW 2 and Eton Smythe are completed and have been edited. All that's left is for me to follow through on the editors feedback and the publishing process can begin.

However the gap between Spark and Embers bothers me quite a bit and I've decided that, before I work on anything else, I'd like to make sure Vagabond Legacy book 3 is well on the way to releasing this time next year.

My plans is to draft through the holidays and into the new year. Then, while my editor is working with Book 3, I will make the edits to Smythe and VCW and get them on track for release as well.

At the moment Vagabond Legacy 3 is looking to be a bit shorter than the first two, but you never know how far off track a draft can take you. I'll continue to keep you all updated through the process and beyond. Thank you for your support!

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